HEKS-Angebot: Arbeit/Beschäftigung
Annette Boutellier
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Daily structure through work or occupation

Work and occupation

In our meritocracy, a person's status is determined largely by their professional activity. Protracted unemployment can therefore negatively impact a person's mental and physical health. Lack of social recognition, social isolation, illness and depression become part and parcel of their daily lives.

Job market integration

In several cantons, HEKS/EPER organizes work integration projects for the long-term jobless and recipients of social welfare benefits, or for well-qualified migrants who have a hard time finding a job here.

Occupation/Structured daily routine

Protracted unemployment often leads to social isolation and ill-health. The affected persons have no meaningful daily routine, and social contacts fall away. Through various employment schemes, HEKS/EPER assists the long-term jobless, refugees and migrants in finding meaningful occupation. This add an invaluable boost to their day-to-day lives, which they often find monotonous.