HEKS Linguadukt - interkultureller Dolmetschdienst
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Building Bridges through Communication

Interpreting Services

Ukrainian and Russian interpreters for the cantons of Solothurn and Basel-City wanted

In order to provide linguistic support to refugees from Ukraine, we are looking for volunteers with Ukrainian and/or Russian language skills. Communication in the accommodation, authorities and information centres is central to effective assistance.


Thank you for your help. 


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«HEKS Linguadukt» supplies intercultural interpreters who work in more than 70 languages, to ensure communication between specialists and their foreign language-speaking conversation partners. HEKS/EPER's "MEL" programme also offers training in intercultural interpreting and mediation, as well as a continuing training programme for trained interpreters and for specialists in the fields of health, education and social services.

Supplying Interpreters

How are patients expected to describe their problems to a doctor when they do not speak the same language? How can parents talk with their child's teacher if their oral command of German is not sufficiently nuanced? Understanding and being understood at a hospital, an advice centre, or during a parent-teacher conversation at school are the key to good cooperation. Intercultural interpreters communicate not just linguistically, but also take social and cultural differences into account during conversations. In this way, misunderstandings can be cleared up in good time, making for better communication. HEKS/EPER supplies qualified oral translations in over 70 languages in the cantons of Aargau, Solothurn, Rural Basel and Basel City. The interpreters translate precisely and competently between source and target languages, recognizing and grasping the social and cultural differences as well as the challenges entailed in the communication. They interpret statements in an unbiased and neutral manner.

HEKS Linguadukt - interkultureller Dolmetschdienst
Project Northwestern Switzerland
HEKS/EPER Linguadukt – intercultural interpreting service

HEKS/EPER Linguadukt supplies intercultural interpreters in about seventy languages, thereby enabling foreign-language speakers and specialists  from the health, social and educational sectors to communicate with one another.

Interpreter Training

HEKS/EPER's «MEL» project trains migrants who are familiar with two cultures – that of their country of origin and that of Switzerland – as intercultural interpreters and mediators. Intercultural interpreters ensure, for instance, that doctors are able to deliver correct diagnoses, teachers and foreign language speaking parents can better understand one another, and counsellors are able to put across even complex information clearly. After their training, intercultural mediators are equipped, for example, to run health promotion or parent education workshops for their compatriots; they can lead parent groups in community centres, or develop their own educational schemes and projects.

Projekt Basel-Stadt und Baselland
MEL – Ausbildungen für interkulturelles Dolmetschen

Das HEKS-Programm «MEL» bietet Ausbildungen für interkulturelles Dolmetschen und Vermitteln (ikDV) an.

We are looking for Interpreters

Our interpreting service in the cantons of Basel City, Rural Basel, Aargau and Solothurn is looking for flexible and committed intercultural interpreters for several languages. The current vacancies are shown here.