Hilfe Spenden für Flüchtlinge und Migranten
Corina Flühmann

Structuring rather than preventing migration

Flight and Migration

Ever more people are being forced to leave their homes by wars, conflicts, violence and human rights violations, poverty and the consequences of climate change. They often set off on dangerous escape and migration routes, putting themselves at risk of becoming victims of violence, exploitation and discrimination. Since its founding in 1946, the work of HEKS/EPER has been shaped by advocacy on behalf of refugees and displaced persons. In Switzerland today, HEKS/EPER provides legal representation and advice to refugees and asylum seekers and, through various integration projects, promotes migrant participation in social life on an equal basis..

Internationally, HEKS/EPER provides humanitarian aid for people on the move and helps to foster peaceful coexistence between refugees and local people. HEKS/EPER also promotes resilience and measures to protect against climate change and contributes to responsible and inclusive governance through its work of development and peace building. This creates economic and environmental prospects for people in the countries of the South, which in turn alleviates migratory pressure.

As part of its social policy commitment, HEKS/EPER takes positions on Switzerland's asylum, migration and integration policy. In this way, HEKS/EPER secures a hearing for the concerns of refugees and migrants in political, business and social circles and advocates for a human rights-based and forward-looking asylum and migration policy.

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