HEKS/EPER in Switzerland

Through its work in Switzerland, Swiss Church Aid (HEKS/EPER) fosters social inclusion for marginalized people, promotes equal opportunity and supports asylum seekers and other socially disadvantaged people with legal advice. HEKS/EPER operates six regional offices in Switzerland, which are running over 60 projects in 13 cantons.

Thanks to its local and regional presence, HEKS/EPER is aware of the living conditions of socially disadvantaged people. They are especially at risk of seeing their rights violated or of social exclusion. HEKS/EPER endeavours to protect them from discrimination and to ensure that their rights are realized. The same principles govern all projects. Everyone should be able to lead a self-determined life and be responsible for their own decisions. In structuring new programmes and expanding existing ones, the needs of beneficiaries will be carefully ascertained and taken into account. At the same time HEKS/EPER relies on insights gained from studies and on the knowledge and experience of other specialized entities as well as authorities.