HEKS MosaiQ Fachstelle für qualifizierte Migrant:innen
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Offices for qualified migrants


The «HEKS/EPER MosaiQ» offices support qualified migrants in different parts of Switzerland in having their foreign diplomas recognized, they assist them with practical skills assessments and advise them regarding any additional training they may need so as to be able to practice their profession again in Switzerland.

HEKS/EPER learned a long time ago from its integration programmes in Switzerland that the professional potential of qualified migrants is often not recognized or is underutilized. Qualified migrants must grapple with numerous obstacles on the Swiss job market. Although many of them have a university degree or professional qualification and many years of work experience in their country of origin, they are often unemployed in Switzerland or do work for which they are overqualified.

Since 2017 HEKS/EPER has therefore been providing qualified migrants with advice and support in the areas of diploma recognition, practical skills assessments and catch-up education. The «HEKS/EPER MosaiQ» offices provide participants with individual assistance as well as administrative support. Qualified migrants are assisted in bridging the gap between their skills and Switzerland's job market requirements - thereby improving their chances of being able to use their professional potential in Switzerland as well.

There are «HEKS/EPER MosaiQ» offices in the regions of Aargau, Berne, Eastern Switzerland and Zurich.

Regional Offices

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