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Placements for migrant women in German-speaking households


HEKS/EPER@home is an integration programme that facilitates encounters between migrants and the German-speaking population in everyday life. The project places migrant women with little knowledge of German in German-speaking households, thereby creating a win-win situation.

Programme for migrant women and German-speaking households

Many migrant women lead socially isolated lives in Switzerland. They have no opportunities for contact with the German-speaking population, which in turn also has few opportunities in day-to-day life to meet migrant women. HEKS/EPER@home strives to facilitate such encounters between women migrants and German-speaking citizens. On the one hand, migrant women are to receive special help in becoming integrated and hence participating in society, in improving their command of German and in enhancing their coping skills for everyday life in Switzerland. On the other, German-speaking households will get help with childcare and housework and have the opportunity to interact extensively with a migrant.

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Branch office Berne
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Tel.: +41 31 385 18 40
E-mail: heksathome@heks.ch

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David Quint
Tel. 031 385 18 40 or 077 410 95 53  (Mon /Wed /Thu, 2– 5 p.m.)

Vera Surenthiran Adler
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