HEKS Visite Aargau - Dank einer Beschäftigung zu neuem Lebensmut
HEKS/Annette Boutellier
Canton of Aargau and Solothurn

Fresh optimism through occupation

HEKS/EPER Visit Aargau

«HEKS/EPER Visit Aargau» helps unemployed beneficiaries of social assistance gain fresh optimism by enabling them to perform tasks individually tailored for them in non-profit organizations.

Daily structure and social integration

The Project is intended for recipients of social assistance, who have very limited job prospects. People without gainful employment face not only financial limitations, but also lack social contacts, a daily structure and new incentives. For them, «HEKS/EPER Visit Aargau» offers an escape from loneliness and isolation or a way of preventing them in the first place. Occupation in non-profit organizations restores structure to their daily lives and allows them to get to know new people and situations. The organizations themselves also benefit, as they can provide services that they would otherwise not be able to.

Regula Rickenbacher
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Branch office Aargau/Solothurn
Regula Rickenbacher
Augustin-Keller-Str. 1
P.O. Box
5001 Aarau
Tel.: +41 62 836 30 20 Zentrale
Tel.: +41 62 836 30 23 Aargau
Tel.: +41 79 446 48 54 Solothurn
E-mail: visite-agso@heks.ch

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