HEKS-Projekt Chèques-emploi
Luca da Campo

Social security coverage for domestic employment


The project promotes access to social rights for persons employed in private households, as well as better working conditions. It facilitates administrative procedures for private persons who employ household staff and offers an information service as well as courses on the rights and health of persons in domestic employment.

Persons employed in private households have rights

Chèques-emploi offers an administrative service that eases the declaration of private household workers, by managing all mandatory social security contributions. Through Chèques-emploi telephone and electronic helplines, professionals hear and advise on all questions relating to the rights and duties of employees and employers in the household economy. Chèques-emploi also offers a confidence-building training programme called «Gagner en assurance» for household workers. It comprises a basic course in labour rights and social insurances titled «Vos droits» (Your rights) and another titled "Votre santé avant tout" (Your health comes first) designed to safeguard occupational health.

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