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A win-win partnership

Play an active part as a business

Let us join forces to create new prospects for socially underprivileged people! We are convinced that an inclusive society is a safer, more productive and pleasant one. A business sector with the proper approach is crucial to this. For us and for our projects at home and abroad, cooperation with enterprises that are aware of their social responsibility is an enrichment. Both sides profit from working together and sharing knowledge and experience. Together we can achieve great things. Get involved!

Be a HEKS/EPER business partner

Greater business sector engagement with issues of concern to society as a whole can positively impact the lives of underprivileged people. This is as true in developing and emerging countries as it is in Switzerland. And through their commitment as partners, businesses can enhance their credibility among their customers and in society.

A partnership can be tailored to suit your individual needs. You can support HEKS/EPER with a one-time donation or become a partner for a certain period of time. There are several ways in which you can cooperate with us, including emergency aid partnerships, donor/sponsorships, corporate volunteering activities, or through other forms of long-term strategic cooperation. We are always at your disposal to discuss any ideas or questions you may have concerning a business partnership with HEKS/EPER. We would be happy to develop a concept tailored to your enterprise.

Brigitte Roth
Do you have questions?
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Brigitte Roth
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Your support is used as intended

We ensure that your donation reaches those in need. HEKS/EPER is ZEWO-certified and therefore subject to stringent guidelines which guarantee that your donations are managed carefully and transparently. In 2017, our overheads made up just 12.7%. (According to ZEWO, the average for non-profit organizations is 21%).

Our cooperation guidelines

HEKS/EPER observes stringent ethical guidelines in cooperating with the business sector. We therefore seek partnerships with companies that promote and embody both human rights and sustainable development. It is important to us for a company's acceptance of social responsibility to be a visible hallmark of its culture. Equal opportunity must be a matter of course for your company. New partnerships generally undergo an internal ethical review so as to make sure that both partners share the same values.

Our cooperation guidelines