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HEKS/Hajdú D. András

Great solidarity with the people of Ukraine

Annual Report 2022

HEKS/EPER has successfully completed the first year following the merger with Bread for All, both organizationally and financially. The appreciable support for Ukraine from institutional donors, the public at large and from churches contributed in no small measure to the record result of 114 million francs. This enabled HEKS/EPER to provide humanitarian aid for about 650'000 people in Ukraine itself and in neighbouring countries. In Switzerland, HEKS/EPER assisted some 27,000 people who had fled Ukraine for Switzerland. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish to thank all donors and supporters for this tremendous outpouring of solidarity.

The merger of HEKS/EPER and Bread All having taken legal effect in November 2021, the newly formed "Swiss Church Aid" (HEKS/EPER) launched its operations in January 2022. The merger has been a success, not least of all thanks to the valuable synergies arising from the interlinking of development policy and programme work at home and abroad.

With the new Strategy, HEKS/EPER is focusing on the four priority areas of "Climate justice", "Right to land and food", "Flight and migration", and "Inclusion". The overarching goal is systemic change at the social, political and economic levels – in Switzerland and worldwide. Humanitarian aid, Church cooperation and the Ecumenical Campaign remain vital cornerstones of ongoing collaboration between HEKS/EPER and "Fastenaktion".

Operating income was 114 million francs for the year under review, which was 15 million more than in the prior year. With expenditure at 108 million, the operating result came in at 5,8 million francs. In 2022, HEKS/EPER spent altogether 93,2 million francs on 303 projects abroad and in Switzerland, thereby helping significantly to improve the long-term prospects of almost 26 million people around the world. Together, this 2022 Annual Report and the detailed Financial Report offer an interesting and informative overview of HEKS/EPER's activities during the past year, which were strongly impacted by Ukraine-related assistance.