Auf gesunder finanzieller Basis gemeinsam in die Zukunft
Susanne Goldschmid

Brighter prospects for more than 14.5 million people

Jahresbericht 2021

In addition to the major challenges still being posed by COVID-19 for the project work of HEKS/EPER and Bread for All in Switzerland and abroad, the merger completed in November 2021 was a significant milestone in the history of the two aid agencies. The merger of HEKS/EPER and Bread for All reinforces their position and capacity to compete in an ever more competitive environment. It can also amplify the impact of projects and activities at home and abroad. More specifically, the linking of development policy with domestic and international programme work creates meaningful and effective synergies. This is all possible thanks, in no small measure, to a solid financial base and the continuing willingness of countless donors to show appreciable support and solidarity.

Just shy of 100 million francs, last year's operating income of 98.8 million francs was almost 20 million francs higher than the 2020 figure, due in part to the merger. With expenditure of 89.2 million francs, the 2021 operating result came in at 9.6 million francs, which was up 4 million francs on the prior year. In 2021, HEKS/EPER spent altogether 74.3 million on 217 projects at home and abroad, and thus played a significant role in improving the long-term prospects of 14.5 million people around the world.
Together with the detailed financial report, these 2021 annual reports provide an interesting and informative overview of the activities of HEKS/EPER and Bread for All for the past year, which were strongly influenced by COVID-19. The 2021 HEKS/EPER and Bread for All annual reports are appearing for the last time in the traditional format, but have already been combined into a single publication.