HEKS Angebot: Wohnbegleitung
Annette Boutellier

When daily life and housing become a burden

Assisted living

Running one's own household is not a matter of course for everyone. Many people's existence is derailed by a severe life crisis, an addiction problem, mental illness or a prison sentence.

Are you also having difficulty coping with day-to-day life? Are you at risk of homelessness? Do you need assistance? In the Cantons of Aargau, Rural Basel and Basel City, HEKS/EPER offers support for socially underprivileged people through housing assistance and individual supervision. The programme is geared toward people with addiction problems or mental illness, persons released from prison, young people and families in need of shelter or support in their daily lives.

On the open housing market these people have next to chance of finding their own affordable accommodation. «HEKS-Wohnen» therefore assists people with no home or at risk of homelessness in coping with daily life and leading as autonomous a life as possible.

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