Press release of 8 March 2022

Emergency aid for refugees from Ukraine: HEKS/EPER scales up its emergency aid to two million francs

Despite numerous urgent pleas from the international community, Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine undeterred. The worst fears have come true, with the civilian population now being targeted in this atrocious war. Thousands are having to hide in bunkers, and two million people have already fled to neighbouring countries. HEKS/EPER is therefore providing two million francs in humanitarian aid to support those fleeing Ukraine to neighbouring countries and to Switzerland.

HEKS/EPER has maintained long-standing ties with the Reformed Churches in Ukraine and in neighbouring European countries. These churches look after underprivileged people in their countries. Now too, they stand ready to help and care for refugees in their time of need.
Hilfe für ukrainische Flüchtlinge - Helfen Sie jetzt
András D. Hajdú

In Ukraine, HEKS/EPER supports the Reformed Church in Transcarpathia. Even in this difficult situation, the organisation continues to look after the elderly and people with disabilities, many of whom have stayed behind while mainly women and children have left the country. In addition, the church is taking care of refugees from the territories that are being fought over.

In Hungary, HEKS/EPER is working with the Refugee Service of the Hungarian Reformed Church at border crossings and major train stations. A cash project is now being put together to provide refugees with cash so that they can buy urgently needed food, toiletries or medicines, and also communicate with their relatives and, where applicable, fund their onward journey. The Refugee Service is also making arrangements for longer-term accommodations and for providing integration assistance.

In Slovakia, the social welfare service of the Reformed Church in Slovakia has set up a heated tent at the Vysné Nemecké border crossing, where refugees receive warm meals and are able to rest and organize their onward journey.

Now it needs your solidarity!

The price for this war is once again being paid by the civilian population, who have lost their homes or their security. Several million people are currently in need of humanitarian aid. Please support us in alleviating their suffering. Thank you very much for your donation.

Rapid emergency relief also in Romania

In Romania, HEKS/EPER is working with its partner organizations at three border crossings in Siret, Halmeu and Sighetu, and in the city of Iași. Refugees are received immediately and given assistance at the train station. Most of all, they need shelter, food and medical care. Moreover, a reception centre with a capacity of 400 persons has now been set up in one of the city's administrative buildings. At that centre, HEKS/EPER is looking after the children, and organising mobile showers, washing machines, tumble dryers, and meals.

Assistance in Switzerland

In Switzerland too, HEKS/EPER is making preparations to help people from Ukraine. HEKS/EPER will be responsible for billeting refugees in host families in Eastern Switzerland and Basel. People arriving at the Federal Asylum Centres (FACs) in Basel and Altstätten are referred to host families who have signed up to provide private accommodation. HEKS/EPER personnel will be taking over this task at the FACs. Further arrangements are now being made to assist refugees in Switzerland.


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