HEKS-Projekt Permenances Volantes
Mathieu Martin

Promoting the health of persons in precarious situations

Permanences volantes

The HEKS/EPER Permanences volantes programme aims to improve the living conditions of migrants by promoting contacts between them and players in Switzerland's social and health services and the relevant Geneva network. The project's work covers prevention, support and guidance, which are provided directly to the communities concerned.

Information in beneficiaries' mother tongue

The project targets migrants living in highly precarious situations in Geneva and provides them with information in their mother tongue. Talks and discussions are organized to convey information and establish contact between players in the social and health services network and the communities. Help sessions are organized in the form of individual consultations, in which beneficiaries are informed, counselled and given guidance regarding the services at their disposal. Group community activities such as cultural, sporting or training projects make it possible to build on beneficiaries' resources, develop their skills and facilitate their integration by ending their isolation.


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