War in Israel/Palestine

Fighting and bombing have been going on in Gaza for several months and there is no end in sight. The situation for civilians is dire. In southern Gaza, where more than a million people have sought refuge, civilians are enduring relentless bombardment. They live in cramped and precarious conditions in refugee camps, with no safe place to go. Food supplies are dwindling, aid distribution faces ongoing challenges throughout the region, and in some areas distribution has become impossible. Moreover, the current level of humanitarian aid falls far short of what is urgently needed to prevent the humanitarian catastrophe from worsening.

Despite these challenges, HEKS remains committed to supporting the suffering civilian population. Our partners are working tirelessly to alleviate the dire conditions. However, their efforts are becoming increasingly dangerous as the Israeli military targets areas where aid organisations are operating, endangering aid workers and the distribution of aid.

Humanitarian response 

HEKS/EPER has a country office in Jerusalem and has been working in the Gaza Strip since 2006, which is why it was able to launch its first emergency aid measures quickly after the outbreak of hostilities.

In the southern Gaza Strip, HEKS/EPER is working with long-standing partner organisations to provide essential aid to displaced civilians. The focus is on water supplies, the distribution of traditional clay ovens, children's areas with psychosocial support and plans for the construction of simple latrines to improve hygiene conditions.

In addition, HEKS/EPER is supporting local farmers to prevent a collapse in food production, providing psychosocial support to vulnerable groups and planning the construction of more emergency shelters. Particularly vulnerable households will receive cash assistance for urgent purchases.

HEKS/EPER extends support to its partner organization Sawa, operating a free hotline from the West Bank for psychological and medical counseling.

However, the deteriorating situation in Gaza poses increasing challenges, threatening the safety of aid workers and hampering the distribution of aid. 

Latrinen Gaza

"More than 1.8 million people have already been displaced several times in search of safety and protection - but there is no longer a safe place in Gaza! I too have had to flee several times with my family and I also spend most of the day searching for food and water in very unsafe conditions. Nevertheless, through our partners here, we can support those who have an even harder time, such as people who have to live in tents in extreme conditions."

Amal Shanty, HEKS employee

Read Amal's interview here

Amal Shanty

In the West Bank and Israel, HEKS/EPER and its partner organisations are supporting communities that have been particularly affected by the recent escalation in violence. For example, Bedouin communities are being supplied with water and food for their herds and protected from violence by a protective presence. Medical supplies and psychosocial support for children and women are also being provided.

HEKS/EPER pursues a flexible working approach that allows existing projects to be quickly adapted to the constantly changing situation and needs of the civilian population. The civilian population continues to require support. Thanks to our long-standing presence and our reliable partner organisations on the ground, we can use your donation quickly, effectively and in a targeted manner. Thank you very much for your support!

Nothilfe Westjordanland

Thank you very much for your support.

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