Krieg in der Ukraine: HEKS leistet Nothilfe vor Ort und in den Nachbarländern
War in Ukraine

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Help for Ukraine. Support now the people on the ground and in Switzerland

HEKS/EPER is currently providing humanitarian aid worth 10 million Swiss Francs. This enables it to support Ukrainian victims of war in their own country, neighbouring countries and in Switzerland.

In Ukraine: providing aid near the front line

The HEKS/EPER team on the ground is providing humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering of people in the war-torn cities and regions in the south and east of the country. HEKS/EPER is also helping its long-term partner in Transcarpathia to support elderly and disabled people who cannot or do not wish to leave their country.



Essensverteilung in Kharkiv
Andràs D. Hajdù

Reception and integration of refugees in neighbouring countries

In neighbouring countries, such as Romania, Hungary and Moldova, HEKS/EPER is supporting its partner organisations in integrating of refugees and supporting host communities.


HEKS leistet Nothilfe in den Nachbarländern
HEKS/András D. Hajdú

In Switzerland: offering protection and promoting integration

In Switzerland, HEKS/EPER has been assisting Ukrainian refugees since the outbreak of the war in 2022 through language courses and social and professional integration programmes to ease their arrival in Switzerland, help them develop future prospects and build a new life here.


Last Update: December 2023
Ukranische Flücht

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