Hilfe für Geflüchtete in der Schweiz
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War in Ukraine

Emergency aid for refugees in Switzerland

Emergency aid in Switzerland

HEKS/EPER strives to ensure that people from Ukraine are able to find protection, accommodation and the appropriate guidance and care in a rapid and uncomplicated manner.

HEKS/EPER also provides support in Switzerland, for people who have fled Ukraine. First and foremost, all refugees need to be provided with safe accommodation. To this end, HEKS/EPER works closely with federal authorities, cantons and other charities, under the overall coordination of the Swiss Refugee Council (SRC). Upon arrival, people are first required to register at one of the Federal Asylum Centres. At both these centres, in Altstätten (SG) and in Basel, HEKS/EPER legal experts help them to file their applications for protection status, and they are also given information. If they need accommodation, HEKS/EPER professionals will place them with a host family that has registered to offer private accommodation.

To offer language support services for people from Ukraine who may need them when interacting with the Swiss authorities, HEKS/EPER has launched the emergency aid scheme called "HEKS/EPER Ukrainian" [HEKS Ukrainisch] in the cantons of Basel City and Solothurn, which makes use of community or lay interpreters. HEKS/EPER recruits and assists Ukrainian- or Russian-speaking volunteers and supplies them for special assignments. Assignments can be booked via an order form

The first projects to offer everyday assistance to people fleeing Ukraine have been launched in Aarau. Under a mandate from the city of Aarau, HEKS/EPER runs a contact point at the former Herosé retirement home, where Ukrainian refugees are now being housed, to attend to all the questions and concerns of the new residents. HEKS/EPER staff members are present every day, providing information in Russian, offering advice, and referring refugees to third bodies if necessary.

In addition, HEKS/EPER organizes a low-threshold German course and a weekly «Coffee-Break» – a social get-together where HEKS/EPER provides information pertaining to life in Switzerland.

Furthermore, all HEKS/EPER programmes are open to participation by people fleeing Ukraine. This means that HEKS/EPER also assists Ukrainian refugees, for example under the HEKS/EPER MosaiQ programme, in having their qualifications recognized and in finding employment.

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The price for this war is once again being paid by the civilian population, who have lost their homes or their security. Several million people are currently in need of humanitarian aid. Please support us in alleviating their suffering. Thank you very much for your donation.

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