Nothilfe für Menschen in der Ukraine und auf der Flucht
András D. Hajdú
War in Ukraine

Emergency aid in neighbouring countries

Emergency aid in neighbouring countries

HEKS/EPER is present on the ground through its partner organizations in Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and soon also in Moldova, in order to assist people who are fleeing.


In Romania, HEKS/EPER works with Diaconia, the Open Fields Foundation and with FONNS, a network of social organizations. With the help of volunteers, FONSS operates a welcome centre at the Iași railway station. A welcome centre has also been set up in one of the city’s administrative buildings with a capacity of 400 persons. There, HEKS/EPER cares for children, and makes arrangements for providing mobile showers, washing machines, clothes dryers and meals.

Altogether, HEKS/EPER and its partners have supplied roughly 80 tonnes food to border crossings and refugee camps along the border. More than 500 extremely vulnerable refugees each receive support in the form of cash for three months. The HEKS/EPER partners also assist with long-term accommodation arrangements for refugees and their integration in Romania; they offer language courses, psycho-social support and help with job-seeking or with getting their children into the school system.

Krieg in der Ukraine - Helfen Sie den Menschen auf der Flucht!
Bernat Armangue/Keystone


In Hungary, HEKS/EPER operates a cash project to support the work of the "Refugee Service of the Hungarian Reformed Church" at border points and at major railway stations in Budapest. Some 5000 refugees are given cash, with which they can buy food, toiletries and medicines, pay for communications with their relatives, or fund their onward travel. The Refugee Service also arranges longer-term accommodations for refugees and is building up a programme to facilitate their integration into the society.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, too, has become a country of transit and destination for Ukrainians on the move. In that country, HEKS/EPER supports the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren (ECCB) in coordinating activities to support and provide lodgings for refugees. Some 34 parishes around the country have taken in refugees either privately or in parish halls, and are seeing to their supervision and meals, with the support of ECCB specialized units. Moreover, the Church of Czech Brethren assists refugees in becoming integrated, among other things, by offering interpreting services, language courses, or by organizing joint activities with church parishioners. In the medium term, Ukrainian children are to receive educational support and adults will be assisted in becoming professionally integrated (learn more).


In Slovakia HEKS/EPER supports the coordination activities of the Reformed Church's diaconal service. The diaconal service of the Reformed Church has set up a welcome point at the Vysné Nemecké border crossing, where refugees are served warm meals and are able to rest and organize their onward journey. Volunteers also organize accommodation options for refugees wishing to stay in the region.

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