HEKS-Nothilfe in den Nachbarländern: Geflüchtete versorgen und aufnehmen
War in Ukraine

Emergency aid in neighbouring countries

Emergency aid in neighbouring countries

HEKS/EPER is present and assisting displaced people through its partner organisations in Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Moldova.


Currently, some 100 000 Ukrainians have taken refuge in the country. Their numbers are rising steadily owing to the targeted destruction of Ukraine's energy infrastructure and the onset of winter. Over 80 per cent of those fleeing are mothers with children, and no income. Many are seeking employment, and their children began the new school year in September.

In Romania, HEKS/EPER works with Diaconia, the Open Fields Foundation, and with FONNS, a network of social organisations. The HEKS/EPER partners distribute food, operate a cash support scheme, and also help out with the longer-term accommodation and integration of refugees. Among other things, their assistance encompasses language courses, psycho-social support, medical advice and help with job-seeking or with getting children into the school system.

Over recent months, HEKS/EPER and its partners have delivered altogether some 172 tonnes of food to border crossing points and refugee camps along the border. The emphasis is now on acquiring and distributing winter gear such as blankets and warm clothing, and also toiletries.

Krieg in der Ukraine - Helfen Sie den Menschen auf der Flucht!
Bernat Armangue/Keystone


Hungary is grappling with a housing and economic crisis, and attitudes towards refugees could become increasingly negative as prices continue to soar. In that country, the "Refugee Service of the Hungarian Reformed Church" is assisting local church parishes that have taken in refugees in border areas. HEKS/EPER assists the Refugee Service through a cash support scheme that provides refugees with funds to enable them to buy food, toiletries, medicines or winter gear.

The Refugee Service is working to find longer-term accommodation for refugees and to set up an integration support scheme; it has hired professional staff to offer psychosocial support to refugees in Ukrainian, Russian and Hungarian, and also to teach languages. Moreover, community programmes are still being organised, with regular events and art therapy sessions for refugee children (learn more, in German).

Ukraine-Nothilfe in den Nachbarländern, an der ungar. Grenze

Czech Republic

So far, the Czech Republic has taken in 390 000 refugees, making it the third most frequent EU country of destination for Ukrainians. In that country, too, public uncertainty is being stoked by rising prices and the continuing refugee crisis.

In the Czech Republic, HEKS/EPER supports the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren (ECCB) in coordinating activities to support and provide lodgings for refugees. Some 130 congregations around the country have taken in refugees either privately or in church parish buildings, and are supervising and feeding them with the help of EKBB specialised units. In addition, the Church of Czech Brethren assists refugees in becoming integrated, for example, by offering interpreting services, language courses, job placement for adults and helping to get children into schools. Another area of focus is the social integration of refugees, for example by means of activities in which both local people and refugees participate, designed to foster personal relationships (learn more, in German).

Ukraine-Nothilfe: Nothilfe an der Grenze Tschechien


Moldova is being severely impacted by the global energy crisis and rising food prices, and the situation is being further compounded by the economic effects of the war in Ukraine. There are now roughly 85 000 Ukrainian refugees in Moldova, and they lack everything. Many worked all summer to be able to afford the journey and have spent the last of their funds to reach Moldova. The basic needs include food, clothing and shoes, medicines and auxiliary heating.

HEKS/EPER has been represented by a local delegation since September. Cash support is being given to 1 230 people. HEKS/EPER partners are also distributing vouchers for clothing and winter footwear, winter parcels containing blankets, sheets, thick socks, thermos flasks and heating material (wood pellets). The recipients are highly vulnerable people and households in remote villages and small towns. A total of 260 households have been supplied with 0.5 tonnes of wood pellets each, an amount sufficient to heat a house for three months (learn more, in German). Preparations are also under way for projects revolving around legal support, access to education and psycho-social support.


Last Update: 14.12.2022


Ukraine-Nothilfe: Nothilfe an der Republik Moldau

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