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F to B training

F to B training

The F to B training (Formation F en B) project assists and trains F permit holders throughout the process of applying for a B permit. The change from an F permit to a B permit is an momentous and highly anticipated event. It does, however, entail a number of challenges such as managing a budget, health insurance, a rental contract, and many other administrative formalities.

The F to B training (FFB) project treats the B permit application procedure, which lasts about a year, as a practical opportunity to impart the knowledge required to be administratively autonomous in Switzerland. At the end of the B permit application procedure, participants will have learned to draft and understand administrative correspondence, and will have been familiarised with various administrative topics.

The project aims to ensure that participants are able to handle administrative formalities autonomously when they receive the B permit.

The two main components of the project

1. Evening workshops covering the following topics:

  • health insurance (deductible, premium, patient share, subsidies, changing assurance providers)
  • tenancy law, and more broadly, issues relating to housing (for example, Serafe or the phases of house moving)
  • the basics of labour law
  • social insurances – understanding your payslip
  • preventing indebtedness
  • consuming smartly and making a budget
  • tax declaration

2. Individual interviews to answer more specific questions and assist participants with their B permit application.

Who does the project target?

This project targets persons who:

  • are resident in the Canton of Vaud
  • wish to apply for a B permit and
  • fulfil the legal criteria, i.e.:
  • have been in Switzerland for five years, are financially independent, or are undergoing training, have no debt or criminal record.
  • have a sufficient mastery of French to be able to understand and write correspondence.
  • are desirous of learning and becoming more independent.


The total cost of the training and follow-up of the application until the delivery of the B permit: CHF 300.- (this amount is the tariff applied by the SAJE for preparing a B permit application, the training is subsidised – the training and follow-up of the application cannot be separated)

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The trainings are given at the HEKS offices, Ch. de Bérée 4A

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