HEKS Wohnen Aargau (HEKS Nr. 500.019)
Sabine Buri
Canton of Aargau

Living and everyday accompaniment

HEKS Wohnen Aargau

«HEKS Wohnen Aargau» offers assisted living for the socially disadvantaged. The apartments are rented from private contractors. They are sublet for the duration of the assistance to persons that otherwise would not have a chance of finding a flat on the regular housing market. 

Living and everyday accompaniment

This offer focuses on persons with an addiction and/or psychic problems, for long-term unemployed, persons just released from prison and youths. For people threatened by homelessness acutely HEKS Wohnen Aargau places a completely furnished emergency lodging at their disposal. 


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Situationsplan Regionalstelle Aargau/Solothurn
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Branch office Aargau/Solothurn
HEKS Wohnen
Augustin-Keller-Str. 1
P.O. Box
5001 Aarau
Tel. +41 62 836 30 27
E-mail: wohnen.aargau@heks.ch

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