Zürcher Beratungsstelle für Asylsuchende (Bild Nr. 550001) HERO
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Canton of Zurich

Legal advice and assistance

HEKS/EPER Legal Advice Office for Asylum Seekers Zurich

The Zurich Legal Advice Office informs asylum seekers and temporarily admitted persons about the asylum procedure so that they can realistically assess their chances of obtaining asylum.  In the event of a negative decision, it assumes legal representation in selected cases and acts on behalf of asylum seekers before the authorities and courts. The Zurich Legal Advice Office for asylum seekers is operated jointly by the HEKS/EPER Zurich/Schaffhausen Regional Office and Caritas Zurich.

Free and unbureaucratic advice

The Legal Advice Office provides counsel to asylum seekers and temporarily admitted persons in the Canton of Zurich. Asylum seekers and temporarily admitted persons call on the services of the Advice Office mostly after the rejection of their asylum application by the State Secretariat for Migration. The advisors inform the applicants about the prospects of a possible appeal or the chance of obtaining a residence permit on humanitarian grounds. The Advice Office mediates in the event problems with the authorities and institutions. It assumes legal representation in some cases.

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