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Canton of Berne

Social integration for recognized refugees and temporarily admitted persons

HEKS/EPER InfoSchweiz

It is not easy for temporarily admitted persons and recognized refugees to become integrated into Swiss society. In particular, persons with little education and negligible language skills frequently face almost unsurmountable obstacles. «HEKS/EPER InfoSchweiz» supports them by means of basic and advanced social integration courses.

A diversity of information on offer

The basic courses give participants an insight into the Swiss way of life and inform them about public institutions in their neighbourhood. Participants address financial matters and develop an overview of available support and advisory services, the Swiss education system and recreational activities. In the advanced courses they study the Swiss Constitution and get to know their rights and duties as residents of our country. They are informed of basic and continuing education opportunities and tackle the subjects of job applications and communication. They are informed about other integration-promoting programmes suited to their personal capabilities and skills.

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