AltuM – Alter und Migration
HEKS/Yves Leresche
Eastern Switzerland region

Counselling and leisure activities for older migrants

HEKS/EPER AltuM – Age and Migration Eastern Switzerland

Many older migrants are largely unfamiliar with the Swiss social security system and the services provided by specialist offices and institutions pertaining to ageing and health. «HEKS/EPER AltuM Eastern Switzerland» informs migrants 55 years and over about age-related issues and services and improves their health and social inclusion.

Health and social inclusion – for seniors too

«HEKS/EPER AltuM Eastern Switzerland» targets migrants 55 years and over from Italy, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and the former Yugoslavia. The project organizes information events in various languages at cultural associations, municipalities and companies, on social security and health issues in old age. Attendees learn more about the OASI, supplementary benefits and their pension fund and are invited to meet at specialist offices and institutions that work with the aged. This familiarizes them with home care services or with a nursing home, for example. Exercise sessions and swimming lessons boost their health, while group outings and monthly Café meetings enhance their social inclusion.

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