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Language courses to enhance social and professional integration

Deutsch Intensiv – Français Intensif

Very few refugees arriving in Switzerland speak any of our national languages. However, integration into a foreign culture calls for the ability to communicate. The HEKS/EPER Deutsch intensive – Français Intensif» programme provides tailor-made language courses for recognized refugees designed to foster their social and professional integration.


Language courses tailored to needs and goals

In the Canton of Berne, all recognized refugees are supported financially in learning German or French. But even after a language course, many are still not proficient enough to make themselves understood or to find a job. To enable refugees to learn a national language as best as possible, the HEKS/EPER «Deutsch Intensiv Français Intensif» programme verifies their language skills, learning requirements and professional goals. Together they then determine the best-suited language course, be it a HEKS/EPER course or an outside course. The regular cantonal course offerings are supplemented by tailor-made German courses under the «Deutsch intensiv Français Intensif» programme.

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