Land und Rechte für die Urbevölkerung Indiens - HEKS hilft
Christian Bobst
Inclusion worldwide

Rights for disadvantaged groups

Inclusion worldwide

In many countries, indigenous people and certain groups suffer marginalisation, discrimination and even persecution. HEKS/EPER fights this injustice and campaigns for equal rights for all worldwide. HEKS/EPER supports the groups affected in asserting their rights and participating in economic, social and political life. 

To change unjust structures, HEKS/EPER works closely with groups that are discriminated against as part of its global programmes. HEKS/EPER helps the groups affected to assert their rights to political and social participation and promotes their economic inclusion and participation in the labour market. HEKS/EPER also seeks cooperation with state and private sector actors to encourage them to assume responsibility and support them with the establishment of inclusive institutions and processes. Participation based on equal opportunity also means political participation and equal access to state services, such as education, healthcare and infrastructure.

HEKS/EPER also raises awareness amongst privileged social groups in the programme countries to encourage them to adopt a more inclusive outlook and improve social cohesion in societies. In Switzerland, HEKS/EPER participates in public debate on development policy issues, raises public awareness and provides information on Switzerland’s shared responsibility in relation to global injustices and aims to improve structural conditions through its political engagement.

Healthcare, education and infrastructure for everyone

Economic inclusion, employment and income

Political participation, civil society and safety

Combating discrimination, promoting inclusive society

Political engagement