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Support for active participation

Inclusion in Switzerland

There are also disadvantaged groups of people in Switzerland, whose rights are frequently violated and who are socially excluded. This causes great suffering and undermines social cohesion. To redress this situation, HEKS/EPER is committed to a more inclusive society in Switzerland. HEKS/EPER provides advisory and integration services to help socially disadvantaged people participate in social, cultural and economic life. 

In 15 cantons, HEKS/EPER supports socially disadvantaged people by providing individually structured advisory and integration services to enable them to fulfil their potential, fight inequality and discrimination and actively participate in society. The programmes focus on labour market integration, structured daily routines and social interaction, housing support, language skills, intercultural interpretation and mediation, child and adult education, old age and migration. HEKS/EPER focuses on self-determination rather than adaptation.

HEKS/EPER also aims to raise public awareness about the issues that socially disadvantaged groups face through information campaigns and advocacy work. HEKS/EPER adopts a rights-based approach, raises awareness of existing injustices and seeks dialogue with civil society and state actors. HEKS/EPER also participates in political processes to change unjust and discriminatory structures. 

Equal opportunity on the labour market

Social participation in old age

Structured daily routines and social interaction

Advice on discrimination

Language – a key factor

Social policy activities

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