AltuM – Alter und Migration
HEKS/Yves Leresche
Cantons of Baselland and Basel-Stadt

Migration, Age and Health

HEKS AltuM – Age and Migration

Under the HEKS/EPER AltuM Project, people 55 years and over with a migrant background are offered support in matters pertaining to ageing. The project aims to alert them in a preventive and timely manner to the problems of old age. It provides them, for example, with specific information on retirement planning in Switzerland.

Staying healthy and socially active

«HEKS/EPER AltuM» helps ensure that migrants in the Canton of Zurich can enjoy independence and good health and quality of life in their senior years. «HEKS/EPER AltuM» organizes activities such as meetings at cafés, orientation sessions on social, economic, legal and health aspects of ageing, health promotion and exercise activities, as well as information and counselling. Older migrants can be better reached and referred on to public institutions through cooperation with migrants' organizations and associations, and thanks to intercultural mediators and interpreters.

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