Haiti, Grand’Anse

Improved local seeds, agricultural production and sustainable use of biodiversity

The humanitarian needs in Haiti after hurricane "Matthew" (2016) clearly showed how important it is for small farmers to be able to better protect their seeds and their modest possessions from recurring natural disasters. Families have been able to rebuild their livelihoods after Matthew, but they are under constant pressure due to chronical political, economic and ecological instability, poor governance and neglect of public investment due to historic exclusion. Therefore, HEKS/EPER supports the most vulnerable families in Grand’Anse to build their resilience with better local seeds, disaster preparedness, improved income through environment-friendly agriculture use of biodiversity and small scale livestock rearing.


The beneficiaries of this project include 9,700 seed producers and 1,300 small animal breeders and fruit producers. The seed groups are gradually evolving into small businesses that produce and market local seeds of reproducible quality. The smallholder families are also supported in optimizing small animal husbandry and fruit production, as well as in building a revolving fund to fund income generating activities for the sustainable use of biodiversity. 


The project aims to provide targeted training to local families for improvements in seed production, livestock rearing and agroecology, so that they can sustainably improve their resilience.

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Project Details
Project responsibility
Manuel Gysler
Project number

Project duration

Donation goal
CHF 979 557
Partner organisations
«Programme de Réhabilitation Rurale» (PRR) of the Haitian Methodist Church, «Fondation Paradis des Indies (FPDI)», the local universities «UNOGA» and «INUGA», the «Jardin botanique des Cayes (JBC)», the Swiss Embassy in Haiti’s «Program to Support Inclusive Agricultural Governance (PAGAI)», the «Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development», the local Civil Protection Directorate.
Financing partners

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)


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