Kontaktstelle für Menschen in Ausschaffungshaft
Frank Egle
Canton of Basel-Stadt

Legal advice at the administrative detention centre

Contact point for detainees pending deportation

Rejected asylum seekers and «Sans papiers» (undocumented people) risk arrest if they fail to leave Switzerland. The HEKS/EPER project «Contact point for persons subject to coercive measures» offers legal advice to persons in detention in Basel pending deportation either because of illegal residence or an unsuccessful asylum application.

Detention pending deportation – then what?

People in detention pending deportation are often ill-informed as to the conditions and duration of their detention. Many do not know why or for how long they are being held and, for example, that after a month they can apply for release from detention. The project aims to inform and provide legal advice to persons in the Basel detention centres of "Bässlergut" (men) and "Waaghof" (women) awaiting deportation. The project is also committed to providing appropriate career counselling prior to repatriation and endeavours to assign persons to suitable return programmes. The project is attached to the Legal Aid Office for asylum seekers in the Basel region (BAS), which gives it legal support.

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Contact Point for persons subject to coercive measures
c/o ES-BAS
Freiburgerstrasse 66
CH-4057 Basel
Tel.: +41 61 631 26 45
Fax: +41 61 631 26 46
E-mail: KontaktstelleZM@bas-basel.ch

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