Basel-Stadt and Baselland

Family gardens for refugees

New gardens in both Basels

The «HEKS/EPER New gardens» project is intended for refugee families in the Basel region. The project provides participants with meaningful occupation and helps them structure their days. Besides, refugees are exposed to local customs and can improve their knowledge of German.

Putting down roots in the new homeland

HEKS/EPER leases allotment gardens at various locations in the Basel-Stadt and Baselland Cantons and works them jointly with refugee families. Participants plant and tend the allotments mostly independently, using their own gardening experience. They learn about organic farming and discuss the cultivation or exploitation and use of herbs, fruit and vegetables. Gardening experts and volunteers accompany these processes and support participants in their personal development. Moreover, the garden is a place for socializing and making new contacts not limited to the garden fence. The programme also encompasses the children of participants, who can thus spend some of their free time outdoors.

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