Rechtsberatungsstelle  für Asylsuchende Aargau (HEKS Nr. 510.001)
Sabine Buri
Canton of Aargau

Asylum seekers need legal support

Legal Advice Office for Asylum Seekers Aargau

The Legal Aid Office advises and assists asylum seekers in order to ensure a fair asylum procedure, as the rejection of an application can seriously endanger the lives of politically persecuted persons or war refugees. HEKS/EPER therefore keeps a close watch and offers legal aid if need be.

Individual and professional counsel

Asylum seekers often speak none of our national languages, they are unfamiliar with the Swiss way of life and legal system. Hence they are not always able to explain clearly the background to their plight, and could thus risk violation of their human rights. Legal advisers ensure that refugees can form a realistic picture of their situation. Asylum seekers are given legal counsel during their procedures and assisted in developing new prospects for the future. Legal advisers file appeals when refugee status is at issue, in case of procedural errors or if a candidate is served an unreasonable removal order. When a negative decision must be appealed, the asylum seeker is accompanied and assisted until a final decision is made.

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