Press release of 1 March 2022

War in Ukraine: HEKS provides emergency aid for 700,000 Swiss francs

Despite all the urgent appeals from the international community, Russia has so far continued its invasion of Ukraine undeterred. Over half a million people are already fleeing to western Ukraine and neighbouring countries from places witnessing the fiercest fighting. Should the war continue for much longer, their number could soon be in the millions. For now, therefore, HEKS/EPER is providing humanitarian aid to the tune of 700,000 francs. Besides humanitarian aid for the suffering civilian population in Ukraine itself, this sum will also help people on the move in neighbouring countries and in Switzerland.

Although representatives of Russia and Ukraine met on Monday afternoon for the first time since the beginning of the invasion to negotiate an end to the fighting, there is no end to the war in sight for the time being. Accordingly, the distress and despair of the suffering civilian population grows with every hour that this senseless bloodshed continues.
Krieg in der Ukraine - Helfen Sie den Menschen auf der Flucht!
Bernat Armangue/Keystone

Enormous solidarity

One ray of hope in these dark days is the tremendous solidarity and support being extended by locals to those who have fled to neighbouring western countries. But given the growing numbers of daily arrivals, even their capacity to host and cater to the daily needs of the war-displaced is reaching its limits.
HEKS/EPER and its church and secular partner organisations in Ukraine and neighbouring countries are therefore working flat out to secure supplies and shelter for those fleeing the conflict. The situation is also a challenge for Switzerland. Numerous cantonal churches, church parishes, families and private individuals in Switzerland have declared their readiness to host refugees from Ukraine. HEKS/EPER is therefore assessing suitable support measures in Switzerland as well.
Now it needs your solidarity!

The price for this war is once again being paid by the civilian population, who have lost their homes or their security. Several million people are currently in need of humanitarian aid. Please support us in alleviating their suffering. Thank you very much for your donation.

Together with its local partners, Swiss Church Aid HEKS/EPER is providing humanitarian aid, both for the civilians holding out in Ukraine and for fleeing Ukrainians and their host families in neighbouring countries like Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. Besides HEKS/EPER is supporting Ukrainian refugees here in Switzerland.


Account for donations: PC 80-1115-1; please mention «Emergency aid Ukraine conflict»

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Those affected by the Ukraine conflict need help!

Aid for the suffering civilian population in Ukraine itself as well as in neighboring countries and in Switzerland.

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