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The humanitarian situation is becoming increasingly dramatic

The war in the Gaza Strip has been going on for over three months now and the humanitarian situation is becoming increasingly desperate: people are starving and the medical services are collapsing. Together with our partner organisations, HEKS has been providing emergency aid to the civilian population since the beginning of the war. Rapid aid is vital for those affected. But despite the great need, it cannot be adequately financed at present. HEKS is therefore urgently dependent on further donations.

Fighting and bombing in Gaza have been going on for more than three months and the situation for civilians is becoming increasingly dire. Most of the population has been forced to flee their homes, and nearly 400,000 people already have little access to food and are at risk of starvation. Medical services are also on the verge of collapse. More than half of the hospitals have been forced to close completely, and acutely injured and chronically ill patients have been unable to receive adequate treatment for months. Without a substantial and sustained response, a humanitarian catastrophe of unimaginable proportions is looming.

Ein palästinensischer Mann bereitet vor seinem Zelt in einem Vertriebenenlager in Rafah im südlichen Gazastreifen, wo die meisten Zivilisten Zuflucht gefunden haben, Essen für seine Familie zu.
© Mahmud Hams / Keystone

HEKS/EPER has been providing emergency aid to the civilian population since the beginning of the war. Over the past few months, our partner organisations have supported displaced people with water tanks and traditional clay ovens, and have set up children's areas with psychosocial care and leisure activities in various emergency shelters. In addition, cash grants are being provided to vulnerable households to enable them to purchase urgently needed items that are still available locally in Gaza. Our long-standing partner CIVITAS opened a new facility at the Egyptian border in Rafah in early December. This is where most of the people displaced by the ongoing fighting in Khan Younis are currently fleeing to. Since December, CIVITAS has been working with an international organisation to provide hot meals to refugees in the area.

"More than 1.8 million people have already been displaced several times in search of safety and protection - but there is no longer a safe place in Gaza! I too have had to flee several times with my family and I also spend most of the day searching for food and water in very unsafe conditions. Nevertheless, through our partners here, we can support those who have an even harder time, such as people who have to live in tents in extreme conditions."

Amal Shanty, HEKS/EPER programme officer in Gaza

Amal Shanty

More and more displaced people are arriving in Rafah and the supply situation is desperate, with far too few aid supplies reaching the Gaza Strip. CIVITAS is scaling up its emergency assistance as much as possible to meet their basic needs for shelter, food, medical care and hygiene. The construction of much-needed basic latrines is planned to improve the precarious hygienic conditions. Together with other partner organisations, HEKS is supporting local farmers so that food production does not collapse, offering psychosocial support for children and women and planning the construction of further emergency shelters.


Latrinen Gaza

The people of Palestine/Israel need our support!

This aid is vital for the civilian population, but despite the great need, it cannot be adequately funded at present. We urgently need more donations. In addition to emergency aid in the Gaza Strip, HEKS is also supporting communities in Israel and the West Bank that have been particularly affected by the recent escalation of violence. Thank you very much for your support!

HEKS calls for an immediate ceasefire and respect for international humanitarian law

In view of the unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip and reports of famine, an immediate ceasefire and safe access for humanitarian aid are urgently needed for the unconditional protection of the civilian population. HEKS/EPER calls on the Federal Council to support this within the framework of international bodies, in particular the UN Security Council. Further civilian casualties in Israel, Gaza and the occupied territories must be prevented and access to life-saving aid must be guaranteed for all those in need. All civilian hostages must also be released immediately and unconditionally.

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