Statement, 10 October 2023

Outbreak of war in Israel and Palestine

HEKS/EPER condemns the horrific attacks by armed groups against Israel and Israeli civilians. The atrocities can by no means be justified. HEKS/EPER also condemns the attacks against civilians in Gaza.

We call upon all parties to respect international humanitarian law and protect civilians. All efforts need to be made by the international community to immediately stop the violence.
Ausbruch des Krieges in Israel und Palästina

HEKS/EPER is working in Israel/Palestine for years in collaboration with Israeli and Palestinian organizations. We are very much concerned about the safety and security of our staff and partners on the ground. 
We recall that Gaza has been under siege for 16 years and its people are suffering from a humanitarian crisis. Sustainable peace can only be established on the grounds of a just political solution which guarantees the human rights of all people in the region.