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Closure of the HEKS/EPER country office in Iraq

HEKS/EPER has decided to close its country office in Kirkuk and to end its humanitarian commitment and its own projects in the country. HEKS/EPER is ending its activities in Iraq in August 2023. 

During both Gulf Wars (in 1991 and 2003) as well as in subsequent years, HEKS/EPER supported the population in need in Iraq. When large parts of the country were controlled by Islamic State (IS) from 2014 to 2017, HEKS/EPER increased its humanitarian aid significantly.
Nothilfe Irak

During this period, it provided support for refugees and their hosts by implementing emergency aid measures to improve water supply and agriculture. HEKS/EPER gradually set up its own national office in Iraq. As well as supporting agricultural projects, the HEKS/EPER national office also made a major contribution to improving the poor public education system. In rural areas, dilapidated schools were renovated, school materials were provided, and pupils received extra tuition.

Even though the poor population groups still barely benefit from Iraqi oil revenues, the situation in the country can no longer be compared with the dramatic emergency situation during the country’s occupation by Islamic State. HEKS/EPER has therefore decided to close its national office in Kirkuk and end its humanitarian activities in the country. This will enable HEKS/EPER to increase its personnel and financial commitment in countries where it hopes the resources freed up will achieve a greater impact. HEKS/EPER will remain active in the Middle East region in Syria, Lebanon and Israel/Palestine.

We wish to thank our staff in Iraq for their tireless efforts on behalf of the Iraqi people in recent years.

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