Frequently Asked Questions

HEKS/EPER has been ZEWO-certified since 1948. The ZEWO seal of approval is awarded to organizations that report openly on their activities, keep transparent accounts and use their donations effectively, economically and for their designated purpose. Data are treated with the utmost confidentiality and not passed on to third parties. Donations are tax-deductible in most cantons.

Is it safe to donate online?
Yes. Financial transactions via our website are handled through the RaiseNow secure e-payment platform. Developed specifically for non-profits and relief agencies, the e-payment platform is certified under international security standards.

I use a payment slip for donations. Should I use a red or an orange payment slip?
The red payment slip is preferable if you wish to add information, such as the intended purpose of the donation, a specific project, or a reason for payment (e.g. “bereavement donation”).
The orange payment slip is quicker and more convenient for you and for us. The address and account number are pre-printed on it. You need only enter the amount of the donation. The orange slip allows for the automated processing of your payment and therefore costs less. It does not allow you to add customized information, however.
The different account numbers for orange and red payment slips are a post office requirement, as they are processed separately.


Will my donation be acknowledged?
Thanking you is important to us. We generally send thank-you letters for donations of 30 francs or more, and in early February, a donation receipt listing all donations made in the preceding year. We are only too happy to fulfil your wishes in this regard.

Are donations to HEKS/EPER tax-deductible?
Yes. Donations to HEKS/EPER can be deducted from taxable income for the purposes of federal and in most cases cantonal taxes as well. The leaflet entitled «Mit Spenden Steuern sparen» [Reclaiming tax on donations] published by ZEWO provides information on the regulatory framework and legislation currently governing federal and individual cantonal taxation.

Will my address be shared with other organizations?
No. HEKS/EPER treats your address confidentially and neither sells nor otherwise shares it with any other organization. Data protection is important to us and is also subject to internal regulations. HEKS/EPER is certified by ZEWO and ZEWO-certified organizations are not permitted to pass on personal data to third parties.


How much of each franc that I donate goes to benefit the needy?
Around 87 per cent of your donation is spent directly on project work. Five per cent is used for administration, and eight per cent goes to communications, advertising and fundraising. Detailed information is provided in the Annual Report.

How do I correct a mistaken donation amount?
If you have made a mistake in entering the donation amount, please get in touch with us! Send an e-mail to, supplying your name, telephone number and/or your e-mail address. We will then contact you to cancel or return your donation. Many thanks!

Will my donation be used as I wish?
Yes. We guarantee that your donation will be used for the purpose you specify. Donations can be earmarked for specific projects, themes, countries, or funds. We also welcome non-earmarked donations. This will help us to cover our basic costs, publicize our projects and assure the quality of our work.

How can I be sure that my donation will reach the intended beneficiaries?
Our ZEWO certification is a guarantee of our careful handling of donated funds. Certified aid organizations like HEKS/EPER are regularly monitored for compliance with 21 standards. Our annual accounts are audited by independent auditors KPMG. Ultimately, donating is also a matter of personal interests and trust.

Do donations to HEKS/EPER benefit Christians primarily?
Precisely because HEKS/EPER is a Christian relief agency, it helps the needy irrespective of their religious and ethnic affiliation. HEKS/EPER provides its support in accordance with its own capabilities and the needs of the local people.

Is it possible to work for HEKS/EPER abroad?
No, or only in exceptional cases. HEKS/EPER works with local church and other organizations on a partnership basis. Responsibility on the ground rests with these operational local partners together with the HEKS/EPER Desk Officers working out of Zurich or Lausanne.