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Annual Report 2020

A better life for 3,7 million people

Annual Report 2020

In times of COVID 19, HEKS/EPER can build on the great solidarity of the entire Swiss population. The willingness to help people in Switzerland and abroad who have been particularly hard hit by the consequences of the pandemic is reflected in the pleasing operating income for 2020, which at CHF 78.8 million was around CHF 10.4 million better than in 2019, mainly thanks to significantly higher donations. Thanks to the great solidarity, HEKS/EPER was able to improve the living conditions of over 3.7 million people in 2020 in Switzerland and in over 30 countries worldwide in almost 200 projects. This annual report 2020 as well as the detailed financial report provide an interesting and informative overview of the HEKS/EPER commitment in the past year, which was strongly influenced by COVID-19.

For «Bread for All», the year 2020 was very much under the banner of the Responsible Business Initiative (RBI). We demonstrated just how crucial corporate responsibility is for people in the Global South through reports on the activities of the Glencore commodities group in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and on environmental and human rights issues associated with the production of batteries for electric vehicles. Bread for All sees the popular majority on the RBI as an incentive to stay on the topic. Financially, the 2020 business year went well for Bread for All. Income from collections did contract somewhat owing to the Corona crisis, but this was partially offset by larger donations from private individuals.