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Making an impact together

Foundations and Public Authorities

Are you looking for effective projects in which people work for a fairer and more peaceful world? HEKS/EPER supports you in achieving your goals and implementing the values of your institution. 

For a better future

HEKS/EPER is your ideal partner in the quest for a better future. Together with you, we are changing the lives of many individuals and communities. We strive for a world in which the dignity of all people is respected and natural resources are preserved.  

As a partner, you help us fight poverty and injustice around the world and empower people affected by climate change. Together, we help rural communities gain access to land, food and water.

You enable us to provide humanitarian aid to victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts and to help them rebuild their lives.  

In Switzerland, we work with refugees and the socially disadvantaged to help them overcome the hurdles of everyday life and integrate into society. 

What we offer 

  • Individual advice and support in the selection of suitable projects and the joint development of new project ideas. 
  • Professional project implementation and progress measurement.
  • Transparent and reliable narrative and financial reporting. 
  • Regular information sharing and invitations to special events. 
  • Opportunities to interact directly with our specialists in Switzerland or in the project countries. 
  • Mention of your organisation's name in our annual report and on our website, as well as discretion if you wish to donate anonymously. 
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  • 7,121,887 people benefited directly from our overseas projects.  
  • 3,386,162 people were able to meet their basic needs through emergency relief.  
  • 149,477 people benefited from better integration in Switzerland. 
  • Projects in 30 countries around the world 
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What sets us apart

  • Professionalism: Our organisation is recognised for the quality of its projects, its reliability and its responsible financial management.
  • Impact-oriented: HEKS/EPER aims to achieve the greatest possible impact for the benefit of vulnerable and marginalised people with its projects in Switzerland and abroad and measures its results using appropriate methods. For example, HEKS/EPER evaluates its international projects using digital key indicators. 
  • Expertise: Our team of thematic experts ensures the relevance and added value of our projects. 
  • Proximity: Our presence on the ground and our local networks enable us to be close to the people we support and to get to know their realities. 
  • Systemic approach: By combining local projects, networking and advocacy, we work to change the structural causes of global challenges. 
  • Transparency: We attach great importance to transparency in our actions and accountability to our partners and donors. HEKS/EPER is ZEWO certified. 
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