Rechtsberatungsstelle für Asylsuchende Solothurn - Asylsuchende brauchen rechtliche Unterstützung
Sabine Buri
Eastern Switzerland region

Legal advice and assistance

HEKS/EPER Legal Advice Office for Asylum Seekers SG/AR

The HEKS/EPER Legal Advice Office St. Gallen/Appenzell informs asylum seekers and temporarily admitted persons about the asylum procedure and advises them on other issues regarding asylum law. The Office legally represents people whose rights are infringed or who merit protection and are in urgent need of legal assistance.

An important point of contact for asylum seekers

The Legal Advice Office is an important contact point for asylum seekers and temporarily admitted persons in the Cantons of St. Gallen and Appenzell and for people at the Altstätten reception and processing centre. It informs asylum seekers neutrally and professionally on the progress of the procedure and their chances of obtaining asylum. It legal assists persons in need of protection so as to speed up the processing of their asylum application; it also reviews the lawfulness of negative asylum decisions, assesses the chances of an appeal if need be and assumes legal representation where appropriate. The HEKS/EPER Legal Advice Office cooperates closely with the Swiss Refugee Council.

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