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HEKS/EPER is making a difference in Syria

Eleven million people in Syria are dependent on humanitarian aid: these are people who have lost their livelihoods and many of whom have been internally displaced. With the help of local partner organisations, HEKS/EPER provides emergency relief for thousands and plans to expand its activities beyond assistance to internally displaced people in Syria. Furthermore, HEKS/EPER supports projects run by Protestant Churches belonging to the Fellowship of Middle East Churches (FMEEC ). Leisure programmes for children and young people are on offer in twelve parishes. Church parishes organize holiday camps and other special events about three times per year. At twelve church schools, 1 500 students from difficult economic backgrounds are supported through scholarships. Two thirds of the pupils are Muslims.

HEKS/EPER in Syria


There were 6.5 million people on the move in Syria in 2020. HEKS/EPER assisted 23 000 refugees by providing them with food parcels and toiletries.
Church-based partner organizations awarded scholarships to 2350 Muslim and Christian young people from poor backgrounds so that they could be educated at ten school centres. Twelve church parishes organised midday meals and recreational activities for 2550 children.