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HEKS/EPER is making a difference in the region of Berne

Through its nine programmes, the HEKS/EPER Branch Office in Berne is making a vital contribution to social inclusion for disadvantaged people, including from a language and professional standpoint, and to social cohesion.

It promotes equal opportunity for all, irrespective of culture, religion, status or gender, and supports people facing difficulties in their lives. The projects run by the Branch Office help people to help themselves, thereby enhancing their quality of life. Its work is guided by the principle of equal rights.

Contact us: 

HEKS/EPER Branch Office Bern
Bürenstrasse 12
3007 Bern
Tel.: +41 31 385 18 40
E-mail: bern@heks.ch

Head of the Regional Office:

Ronald Baeriswyl