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HEKS/EPER is making a difference in Kosovo

Living conditions for the Roma and other minorities in Kosovo are characterized by poverty, joblessness, discrimination and a lack of prospects. The Roma have only limited access to education, medical care, housing, electricity and water. HEKS/EPER facilitates their inclusion in society by focusing on the areas of schooling, housing improvement, vocational training and access to employment. Further headway was made with integrating into Kosovo's educational system the 22 learning centres developed by HEKS/EPER for Roma and other children. The scholarship programme being implemented thanks to the initiative of partner VoRAE and with the Kosovar Ministry of Education is now benefiting 500 secondary school students per year. To upgrade the precarious housing conditions in the Roma settlements, HEKS/EPER assists Roma families in renovating their houses. At the same time, the municipalities are modernizing the infrastructure in the settlements and funding a third of the cost of building materials.

HEKS/EPER in Kosovo


HEKS/EPER assisted more than 1400 children and young adults at 19 learning centres in 2020 through remedial teaching, scholarships, and career and life counselling; 90 young adults benefitted from job placements, of whom 20 obtained permanent positions. Altogether 2000 people gained first-time access to government services.