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HEKS/EPER is making a difference in Latin America

The majority of people in Latin America and Haiti live below the poverty line and suffer from violence and human rights violations. The reasons for this are land evictions, political instability, inadequate government services and recurring disasters stemming from natural hazards. HEKS/EPER is helping to improve livelihoods and bring about a more equitable and peaceful society. HEKS/EPER helps the rural population in securing land rights, improving agricultural production, developing their own seed schemes and in disaster preparedness. It empowers civil society in its defence of human rights. By having strong partners and its own teams on the ground, HEKS/EPER is able to respond to various new or recurring humanitarian emergencies such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods or food crises.

HEKS/EPER in Latin America


In Latin America and the Caribbean, HEKS/EPER operates in Brazil, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Colombia and Venezuela. Some projects are supranational, spanning all of South America.