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HEKS/EPER is making a difference in Senegal

Senegal's rural dwellers face dwindling prospects of leading a life with sufficient income. Among the reasons why many smallholder and cattle-rearing families can no longer make ends meet are undersized plots of land, eroding and overused soil, lack of rain, and insufficient agricultural inputs. For some years now their plight has been compounded by land speculation and land grabbing by investors. Smallholder families without official land titles risk losing the land they are cultivating. The living space for cattle-rearing families and their herds is also under threat from what is known as the «agricultural front». HEKS/EPER and local partner organizations support farming and cattle-rearing families in Senegal in securing their land, thereby being able to build a stable livelihood. The long-term income situation is improved through better resource management – including reforestation or the protection of mangroves, agro-ecological agriculture, and better market access for their products.

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Some 126 000 people obtained access rights to 87 000 hectares of land in 2020. More than two-thirds of the small farmers being supported succeeded in boosting their incomes by using appropriate production techniques and being able to ask higher prices thanks to better knowledge of the market.