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HEKS/EPER is making a difference in the «Humanitarian Aid» in Lebanon

According to UNHCR there are some 1.5 million Syrian refugees and half a million Palestinians in Lebanon. There is extreme need and despair in the Shatila and Borj el Borajne refugee camps in Beirut. Supported by Swiss Solidarity and the Waldensian Church in Italy, HEKS/EPER has been furnishing emergency relief for refugee and host families since 2015. HEKS/EPER also continues to support the rebuilding of the economy in the wake of the port explosion in Beirut.
As part of church cooperation, HEKS/EPER also supports afternoon schools and recreational programmes for children and young people from poor families and from refugee families.

HEKS/EPER in Lebanon


Through direct payments made in 2020, HEKS/EPER facilitated the funding of food, medicines and rents for 2100 people affected by the port explosion. Some 1200 people were assisted in renovating their homes or businesses. Church-based partner organizations organised sports and cultural events to help integrate 1500 Syrian refugees.

When natural disasters occur and during and after armed conflicts, HEKS/EPER provides needs-based emergency aid worldwide so as to rapidly improve the lot of civilians. HEKS/EPER focuses its humanitarian aid on the following four areas: distributing vital aid supplies such as water, food, hygiene products and providing temporary shelter; improving economic livelihoods; rebuilding damaged or destroyed houses and infrastructure; and boosting the capacity of the civilian population to withstand future disasters and conflicts. HEKS/EPER thus provides help for self-help, especially for extremely poor, vulnerable and endangered people and, together with those directly affected, develops sustainable prospects. Such partnership helps reinforce their autonomy and dignity.