Neue Gärten Ostschweiz - Familiengärten für Migrantinnen und Migranten (Bild Nr. 540023) HERO
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Cantons of St. Gallen and Thurgau

Allotment gardens for migrants

New Gardens Eastern Switzerland

The project aims to reach migrants who have only been living in Switzerland for a short time or who, for other reasons, do not have a social network. Their knowledge of German is limited and they need special assistance in becoming integrated into Swiss society.

Putting down roots in the new homeland

People who have fled their own country often suffer from rootlessness in their new environment. Many are jobless, live in isolation with or without family, and struggle to make friends. The lack of a social network affects both their physical and mental health. Integration is not automatic, however, but takes confidence and strength – as well as an effort by the local people. This is where «New Gardens Eastern Switzerland» comes in. Working a leased allotment enables migrants and their families to network and to produce their own food. It also enables them to take part in public life and get back on their feet. Participation is open to women and men, alone or as a family, with or without children.

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