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Emergency aid for internally displaced people and host families

News: December 2016

Iraq, Emergency Aid

Millions of people have fled Islamic State (IS) into Kurdish areas. They live with host families or in overpriced accommodation. Their living conditions are precarious. HEKS/EPER supports internally displaced people and host families in Sulaymaniyah, Halabja and in Diyalla Province with food, cooling units, heating oil and «cash for work».

Shortage of reasonable accommodation

The influx of internally displaced persons has increased the population by half in Kurdish areas. Despite considerable Kurdish hospitality, much is still lacking. About one third of the internally displaced people live with host families – but most have to rent overpriced housing. Job-hunting too is compounded by the fact that people from the South often speak no Kurdish. The presence of a quarter of a million Syrian refugees is a further strain on already precarious living conditions.

HEKS-Nothilfe im Irak: Unterkunft

Food and «cash for work»

HEKS/EPER is supporting 1 350 internally displaced families and host families in Sulaymaniyah, Halabja and Diyalla Province with two food parcels each until the end of 2016. One hundred particularly needy families receive water-powered cooling units during the hot summer months and heating oil for their stoves in the cold winter months. Twenty families have the chance to earn US$210 if a family member does ten days of community service with a view to obtaining a permanent job.

HEKS-Nothilfe im Irak: Verteilung von Lebensmitteln

Completed project phases

Starting in winter 2014/2015, HEKS/EPER has provided emergency aid for internally displaced people and host families in Northern Iraq; it began in Sulaymaniyah, where families received food packages, blankets, mattresses and heating stoves as well as financial aid and «cash for work». In a second phase lasting until the end of 2015, some 45 000 refugees in three refugee camps in Dohuk Province received personal hygiene items, mainly soaps, baby products and detergent.

HEKS-Nothilfe im Irak: Projektphase
Håvard Bjelland/Kirkens Nødhjelp

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