HEKS-Mosaiq Basel
Frank Egle
Basel (both sides)

Office for qualified migrants from third countries

HEKS/EPER MosaiQ Basel (both sides)

The «HEKS/EPER MosaiQ» office both Basel supports qualified migrants with advice and support in the areas of diploma recognition, practical skills assessments and catch-up education. It provides participants with individual assistance as well as administrative support. Qualified migrants are assisted in bridging the gap between their skills and Switzerland's job market requirements - thereby improving their chances of being able to use their professional potential in Switzerland as well.

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HEKS/EPER MosaiQ both Basel
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HEKS/EPER MosaiQ both Basel
HEKS/EPER Regional Office both Basel

Christine Giustizieri
Pfeffingerstrasse 41, PO Box
4002 Basel
Tel: 061 367 94 03 (Christine Giustizieri) and 061 367 94 04 (Kristina Hofstetter)
Mobile: 079 157 57 67
E-mail: mosaiq-basel@heks.ch

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