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Canton of Berne

Promote integration through language

HEKS Integration Projects (HIP)

Only by understanding a country’s language can one truly feel at home there. Migrants in Switzerland with little understanding of our national languages often find it difficult to get their bearings and to become integrated into society. A lack of proficiency in a national language means that they have virtually no involvement in public life and are unable, for example, to attend education and training courses or to find gainful employment. In particular, access to the acquisition of language and personal skills for people who are unaccustomed to study must be adapted to their individual requirements.

The HIP integration programmes offer individual language tuition to speakers of other languages in the canton of Bern. Language skills and a knowledge of culture are both requirements for full integration, so teaching staff also pick up on important aspects of everyday life specific to the country. HIP programmes facilitate educational opportunities for schoolchildren and help them to improve their situation in life in Switzerland.

The courses are offered in various municipalities in all regions within the canton of Berne.

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