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Neutral observation at asylum hearings

Coordination unit for the representation of charitable organizations (CROE)

Through CROE, HEKS EPER ensures the presence of a neutral observer (representative of a charitable organization, ROE) at the second hearing of asylum seekers on the grounds for asylum. This presence is of paramount importance for verifying that the interrogation by the State Secretariat for Migration takes place in a serene and respectful climate.

Neutral observation is prescribed by law

The hearing on the grounds is decisive. Often for several hours, asylum seekers are required to lay out as fully as possible their reasons for seeking Switzerland's protection. The decision depends on their ability to outline their reasons in a credible manner. The presence of a neutral observer, as required by law, ensures the proper conduct of the hearing. The observer intervenes in the event of problems and may request that questions be asked. The observer prepares a written record of their presence and of any objections they may have. Representatives of charitable organizations are trained by HEKS/EPER and, if need be, refer asylum seekers to legal aid offices for personalized support.


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