HEKS-Projekt Alter und Migration Westschweiz
Mathieu Martin

Improving the quality of life of older migrants

Age and Migration

The project aims to improve access for older migrants to information and services relating to health, social security and ageing. It guides them to the services appropriate to their personal situation, it offers intercultural mediation to facilitate proper care and helps them escape isolation by organizing cultural and recreational activities.

Reaching out to communities

Information sessions are organized in places where ageing migrants live, involving specialized social and health services personnel as well as an intercultural mediator from the cultural community concerned. Drop-in help centres provide beneficiaries with individualized information and put them in touch with the facilities competent to address their problems. Recreational, sporting and cultural activities are organized to combat isolation, focusing on physical and mental well-being and encouraging encounters. The project also aims to strengthen collaboration with players in the health and social services in Vaud and raise their awareness of interculturalism in attending to migrants.


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Age and Migration

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